Land, History and Family

The lands of Barcelona have been looked after and worked on since time immemorial. Olive trees, fruit trees, vegetable gardens and vineyards expanded thanks to an important water system of Moorish origin. The fountains, waterwheels and water canalisation on the estate were documented in the Moorish period, when it was called Beniadars. The property gradually grew and in 1554 there were washhouses, a bell tower and a chapel. In 1773 it had its own olive-oil mill. The current houses were built in 1922 and have been maintained since then, preserving their original style and traditional character.

The property and lands have belonged to our family since the 19th century, and we have been putting work into it and caring for it since then.

The old olive-oil mill was kept operational to produce oil until 1970. Activities nowadays include cattle raising, carob and almond growing, and traditional olive oil production

With all the charms of the countryside, the magical corners of these lands are steeped in family memories, tradition and customs. This small gem on the island of Majorca has filled the happiest days of our lives with stories, games and anecdotes.

For fifteen years now we have been combining farming with tourist activity, and we are proud to be able to share our enthusiasm and dream with you.

We hope our guests find a home away from home here in Majorca and that while you are staying at Finca Barcelona you share our enjoyment and happiness.

We want our home to be your home. Come and discover it!